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NexCore is a business accelerator and collaborative workspace located in South St. Louis in the neighborhood of Fox Park.. At NexCore, you have the opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs while having access to a comprehensive suite of amenities and resources to help you thrive in a high-energy, professional and rich environment. Equipped with the latest technology, NexCore ensures you will have every resource you need at your fingertips. If there is something you need but don’t see, let us know.

NexCore St. Louis is committed to being the resource for the growing business professional and entrepreneur. You may have a place to work, but there is NOTHING like NexCore! Contact us today to schedule a tour!

In addition to the NexCore building, an amenity itself housing over 60 businesses, you’ll also have the opportunity to partner with the NexCore family of companies. NexCore Media Group, NexCore Fitness, NexCore Coaching, Powered by NexCore and many more companies here for you and with you to make sure that you have EVERY TOOL YOU NEED TO GROW YOURSELF…and your business.

Whether you have a hobby, a passion or a thriving small business – We hope you’ll check out the NexCore experience and how we can help you!