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July 9, 10, 11, 2020

We invite St. Louis to be inspired and moved by the strength
and perseverance of our Local Small Business Community.

Watch the Event on Youtube

In April we presented Streamathon for STL, a fundraiser for local businesses. We are proud to announce that our first event had over 100,000 views and 37,000 shares.

Our next event will focus on the stories behind the ‘storefront’ and the spirit of St. Louis. Now that the city is open for business, we plan to to raise awareness for our small business community by showcasing what keeps them going, what sacrifices have been made, and  how they have changed, adapted and pivoted during this time of crisis.

Celebrating the spirit of St. Louis through the eyes of small businesses.

Watch the event Live on Facebook.

Saturday 2pm

Kids Entrepreneurs Conference
Safe Spaces
Virtual Summer school presentation
Mountain Man Skrub
Twins Red Carpet Wash
City Museum

Saturday 3pm

Art Hill
Butterfly Lashtique
Peoples Joy Parade 
Nikki Serenity
Cahoka Mounds
Casey Gliecher

Saturday 4pm

Annie & the Fur Trappers
Wainwrite Building
Rebecca Haas 
Apotheosis Comics
Big Muddy Dance Company
Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café
FTCTV Cami thomas
Connect to Success
Meachum Park

Saturday 5pm

Denali Building Supply
The HIll
Nonna’s Muttballs
Brian Styles – Balloon Art
Devon Cahill
Claire & Jeff Duo

Saturday 6pm

Leverage Dance Theater
Pink Lemon Studio 
Maypop Garden & Coffee Shop
Charles Lindbergh 
Jennifer Hayes

Saturday 7pm

Ballet 314
Anheuser Busch
Magic with Brent 
Meeting of the Waters
Bryan Curran 
Find your Farmer
Sk8 Liborious

Saturday 8pm

STL Surge
Everett Dean
Clay morgans alley
Graffiti Girls
Jessica Dana
Anita Rosamand 
Dustin Crumbaugh

Saturday 9pm

ATT Building
TED McCready
Stacey and Dorian 
Fire Dancers:
Teresa Frank & Evan 

If you are interested in participating please share your story.

Calling All Entrepreneurs.

Celebrate your independence on our LIVE Streaming Event.




Share your story of struggles, tribulations and triumphs. 

Thank you to our sponsors!

A Live Online Event Featuring Small Businesses, Artists and Non Profits.

Hosted by Vic Porcelli

Vic Porcelli is a 30+ year veteran of terrestrial radio and host of The 2GuysTalkingPoker Show. With thousands of ads, narrations and voiceovers to his credit, Vic is true, experienced voice in voiceover.

Live art by Jennifer Hayes

Jennifer creates her signature styled paintings by layering many colors using a variety of tools including palette knives, brushes, and unusual found objects. She aims to create artwork that grabs the viewer from across the room with its bright bold colors. We could not think of a better way to celebrate St. Louis than to include a one of Jennifer’s pieces.

Tune in during the 6pm hour Thursday, Friday & Saturday to see the progress of her lastest piece unfold.

Featured Performers

Ron Sallee & Selena Ortega
Performance at Parkside Grill.

Joe Mancuso & Dave Black 
live from Scarlett’s Wine Bar

Pink Lemon Studio
Live Aerial Performances

Ted McCready duo
Live from Parkside Grill

Ron Sallee & Selena Ortega
A recorded performance at Parkside Grill.

Live Building Projections

Cory Clay
An Interview and Performance

Rebecca Haas
Art and Photography

Brent Loewenstein
Live Magic at NexCore

MADCO Modern Dance
Live at the Nexcore

Annie and the Furtrappers.
Live from Annie’s Porch

Everett Dean
Singer & Guitarist

Jim Manely
Trumpet & Piano

Chris Swan (Luppy)
Soul Motivation Records

Rachel Bodi & Robert Poe
Dancing with Ballet 314

Brian Styles
Mega Balloon Artist

Leverage Dance Studio
A live zoom call in

The Big Muddy
Dance Company

Stacey & Dorian
Guitar and Bass duo

Stefan Self Ruler West
Black Wall Street Challenge

Nikki Serenity
featured model

Devon Cahill
Singer & Guitarist

Jessica Dana
Boby Paint Artist

Dustin Crumbaugh
Dance Instructor

Anita Rosamand
Pianist & Vocialist

Featured Businesses & Non Profits

More are added daily, if you’d like to be one please contact us.

The Celebration Production Team

Gabriel Beer
Content Creation

Larry Cohn
President of Revitalize STL

Jim Shevly
Co-Founder of NexCore

Jenn Carter
Creative Director

Malissa Cloven
Vivant Entertainment

We are accepting video submissions to be aired during the programming.