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It all started back in 2012 when the
three of us met in a mutual business.

There was an instant connection among us. A desire to build and develop not only the business we were in but the people that worked with us as well. There was friendship, yes, and a business partnership, of course—but there was also something more. We felt a calling to do something greater. We knew that we formed an incredible bond—a trifecta of skills, talents, and principles—and we each complemented and enhanced the team as a whole.

Over the course of the years, we have worked hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs and small-business owners while trying to find the right business model for them. At the time, we didn’t realize that our own business model was staring us right in the face.

In 2016, on a business trip to Kansas City from St. Louis, NexCore was born. It was not born because it was a great idea or a unique concept, but out of necessity and frustration.

Coworking was not a new concept to us. It was actually quite familiar, and as we made our way to our coworking spot in Kansas City, we found ourselves discussing our frustrations about the lack of amenities and collaboration that existed in that space. It was a great space; however, it just didn’t satisfy our needs, and it was also prohibitively expensive for most small business owners.

Jim was working out of a coworking space in St. Louis and one in Kansas City while Lauren and Larry both worked from home, which presented its own unique set of challenges. On that fateful car ride, that three-and-a-half-hour stretch, our shared frustration turned into opportunity.

Quickly creating a list of amenities that we would need to have in our next coworking spot, we began to search and realized that there was not one co-working space in the country that offered us exactly what we wanted. We realized then that we were not alone. Others needed the services and amenities that we needed, but there was no one catering to the small business owner and service-minded entrepreneur.

By the time we arrived back in St. Louis, we had appointments to look at several properties, having no idea the scope of the project we were about to undertake. We looked everywhere for the right space. Then, we looked for the right services and amenities to offer our clients. We realized we needed a big space. Not just big, but really big.

We also realized that we wanted to be able to offer the most amenity-rich environment for the entrepreneur and small business owner that existed anywhere. Therefore we needed a versatile space. But having a large versatile space was not enough. We needed a space that the individual could customize to their needs.

Then we needed something everyone could afford. We decided we needed to be in a transitioning neighborhood: to be a part of the positive change that would help complete the transition of the neighborhood and improve the lives of the citizens that live there. We landed on a corner in historic Fox Park, St. Louis, Missouri.

An historic building became the birthing ground for NexCore. It gave us everything that we were looking for, along with room to grow, versatility, customization, tradition, and most importantly, a neighborhood that needed us.

Today, NexCore stands as a testament to committing to a plan driven by a burning desire and a clear vision. With its bright blue LED lights illuminating the building, NexCore is a pillar of the neighborhood. Already responsible for the launch of several businesses independent of NexCore and home to several nonprofits and dozens of entrepreneurs, NexCore is well on its way to fulfilling its mission to be the change agent in our community.

NexCore. THE Starting Point for it ALL

– Larry, Lauren, and Jim