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A blend of Infusion
& Execution designed for you.

Powered by NexCore provides your business with the critical components and elements necessary to ensure its success. You might call it a merging of resources. You bring your passion, skill and talent and NexCore brings select resources such as Marketing/Media, Capital, Business Development, Technology and more to take your business to the next level.

If you think you are ready for your business to make its mark, then becoming Powered By NexCore might be your answer.

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General Concepts;

• Is your business in trouble
• Did your business once ‘work’ but is broken or stuck now
• Have you ever felt that your business  was just ‘one’ step away from making it but you just can’t ‘breakthrough?’
• Have you wished for more resources? a marketing department ( with money to spend!), a team of advisors with a proven track record, more hours in the day?

Who are You

• You have a product or service that works. You  may have competitors but you are certain you have no competition.
• You  have a burning desire to succeed
• You are coachable and you want to grow both yourself and your business.
• You understand that something is not working within your business
You refuse to give up

What we Do

• We educate ourselves and learn your business.
• We ask you the TOUGH questions. We challenge you.
•  We evaluate your business, from profit margins to systems to customer base
•  We create an in depth plan to help you pivot
•  We execute

Who we Are

• Powered by NexCore
• Jim Shelvy and Larry Cohn The resources of NexCore PLUS
• Jenn Carter – Graphic Design and Creative Direction

You created and built your business because you have passion and believe you can make money with your product or service.

With that being said. Are you now questioning those decisions?

The economy is  struggling, dreams are fading and pressure to produce is building. Time is limited but we are here to help. Contact us now to start a conversation about esculating your concept not only to reality but to success.

Get Powered by NexCore

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