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This is NExcore.

Take your business to the next step

Virtual Business Solutions, Websites, Marketing, Branding & Content Production.


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One team for everything your business needs to succeed.

Whether you’re starting from stratch or have been in buisness 60 years, our team will help you develop a strong brand and marketing strategy. 

Virtual Solutions

The choices are “virtually” unlimited
and we are here to support you.

Branding & Marketing

Give your business a face lift with an updated logo and professionally designed collateral.

Consultation & Analysis

We’ll take a in-depth look at your brand and create a plan of action catered to your needs.

Business Resource Center

The team at NexCore is here to assist you. We believe that the right tools and services applied to the right company will create an incredible opportunity for growth. Whether you are just getting started or you are ready for your third location (or beyond), we are here for you.

We believe in the spirit of collaboration

The growth of entrepreneurship is fostered by the blending of ideas. You might have wondered why we chose the name ‘NexCore’. The Nexus is a connection or a series of connections linking two or more things. And the Core is defined as the central and foundational part that shapes the interior.

The 314 Store

featuring locally made products and services.

When your products are added to our store we’ll celebrate your inductuion by giving you a shout out on all our social platforms. There’s no cost of entry! Contact us today to be a part of our small business community.

What nexcore can do for you

Accelerate your business with any or all of
our marketing services.

  • Audit your brand
  • Create a commercial that will reach +10,000k
  • Access your brand with a focus group
  • Create a facebook advertising campaign
  • Maximize your SEO and google listing
  • Create Custom Graphics


That’s a claim we can make because our Co-found Larry Cohn was put on earth to help support St. Louis. His life long obsession with the city has lead him to a talented team ready to take our city’s small businesses to the next level.

Number of views on google

Number of business helped


Average increase in profit

What is Nexcore Marketing.

We are a powerful tool with all the resources you need to for a successful business. Emails, phone answering servcies. Website hosting, search engine optimization, social media marketing and high quality printed materials.

Words from a few Satisfied Customers

“The energy here is magical.”

Ryan Harrison

Local Guide · Level 3

“The staff is amazingly helpful and the owners are attentive and personable.”

Rosalind M

Local Guide · Level 4

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What are you waiting for? Contact us now to jumpstart your business.

St. Louis MO, USA

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